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botanical gardens



I really just enjoy how phallic this image is.





































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there was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt

so i haven’t posted photos in ages, thought i should.

back from when i was in newcastle




















this is the artist that accosted me… it was very awkward.


i’ve walked past this creek thing a ridiculous number of times, and have always meant to take a photo of it. something about it always strikes me, especially when it has been raining or its overcast. and the day of this was, i guess, significant? walking into town as per normal, to clear my head, and fuck i did.


i take for granted having my dinner cooked most nights. i take for granted having most things in my life done for me. it hit me, being sick, i’m not going to have my mum around for all the shit she does for me; the washing, the centrelink forms, the advice, the old “no, don’t wear that, it makes your arse look huge and you have a tiny arse! yo got some junk goin’ on in that trunk”. haha i love her. its going to be so weird! i’m going to miss her so much!


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truth and beauty bombs

26th dec 2008

best christmas ever i’ve decided.

normal family lunch, always fun. eating canapes and drinking expensive wine. eating ridiculous amounts of haloumi and cauliflower and cheese and hard sauce.

picnic + goon + white castello cheese + best people + drunk singstar+ passing out on evaan’s floor (as per normal).


i’m such a sucker for foreign boys and boys with accents. and trying to get past language barriers is fun… trying to explain to the poor confused boy i dragged all around port as my protection what ‘all boys are assholes’ means.


“one day you will ache like i ache”


i got a post secret book, it is amazing, i couldn’t help but cry. just… fuck i love it, just people bearing their souls. it must be liberating.

some of my fav lj secrets i’ve collected 🙂










i love this one so much.


and this is like my secret, my way of looking at life.





this is actually the sweetest thing i’ve ever seen, it makes me smile so much every time i read it.







a softer world is seriously the greatest thing ever, the photos, the words, just amazing. it makes me want to… live, to go out, to adventure, to keep being young and crazy and do stupid things and love and hurt and cry and laugh.









and this one, i can’t stop smiling:


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21st dec 2008


i can’t believe how different i am from even like… 3 months ago. i swear my confidence has just like tripled (i’m not even like super-confident now, i was just so bad back then).

i like seeming like the goodest little good girl, the smart girl, the nice girl, the girl that seems so innocent (i have seriously actually been called innocent by a guy).



$10 op shop dress with sideways robots made out of tessellating shapes.

oh yeah some guy fully grabbed my arse in altitude and winked at me.

my knees are so fucked up. my throat hurts. my feet still hurt. fuck i love nights out.


33 days!!!!!!!


“ice-cream is gonna save the day!” muscles, i love you.


fuck i love morrissey!

“first of the gang to die”

You have never been in love,
Until you’ve seen the stars,
reflect in the resevoires

And you have never been in love,
Until you’ve seen the dawn rise,
behind the home for the blind

We are the pretty petty thieves,
And you’re standing on our street..

…where Hector was the first of the gang
with a gun in his hand
and the first to do time
the first of the gang to die. Oh my.
Where Hector was the first of the gang
with a gun in his hand
and the first to do time
the first of the gang to die.

You have never been in love,
Until you’ve seen sunlight thrown
over smashed human bones

We are the pretty petty thieves,
And you’re standing on our street..

…where Hector was the first of the gang
with a gun in his hand
and the first to do time
the first of the gang to die. Such a silly boy.
Hector was the first of the gang
with a gun in his hand
and a bullet in his gullet
the first last lad under the sod.

And he stole from the rich and the poor
and the not-very-rich and the very poor
and he stole all hearts away
he stole all hearts away
he stole all hearts away
he stole all hearts away


“honey you know where to find me”

I’m not gonna cry for the things that never occurred
So do not remind me
I’m happy to be as I was in the first place

Honey, you know where to find me
Honey, you know where to find me
Kicking away from the mundane everyday
La la la la la

The envy is beyond me
I’m not gonna pine for the things that can never be mine
Do not expect me to
I am happy to be who I was in the first place

Honey, you know where to find me
Honey, you know where to find me
Kicking away from the mundane everyday
La la la la la

The future is around me
I see it, I seize it, I use it, I throw it away
Because I’m happy to be like I was in the first place

Honey, you know where to find me
Honey, you know where to find me
Running away from the mundane
La la la la la

Oh, honey you know where to find me
Honey, you know where to find me
Honey you find how to know me
Oh, la la la la la la la


i miss my graphics tablet ]=


haha there are still those party popper things from my birthday in my backyard.






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19th dec 2008

fuck i love my mum, she is just so amazing, just such a beautiful person. i’m so grateful to have a best friend in my mum, who i can tell like 99% of things to and even the stupider stuff i do, she just shakes her head, and is like ‘meh, i was young too’. i’m going to mis her so much! i’ll be calling her all the time for advice i’m sure.

had the best chat with her today over our cafe rio, just talking about the future and life.


you know those moments? those ones where, even though you’ve seen something a million times, you just suddenly feel like you’ve never seen it before? i had that today, just walking into town. i’ve lived in port for 14 of my 18 years, and i’ve never really liked it. honestly, i’ma  city girl. i live for the life and colour and diversity and culture and contrasts that city life brings. but you know, i’ve been here a long time. and i’m sure i will miss it. i’ve never felt that connection with port, that feeling i have when i’m in melbourne or sydney. i was born in melbourne and though i moved here at only 4, i will always consider myself a melbournian. i’m so cosmopolitan after all, haha. no just that city thing… there is nothing like being in the city, to me. i can understand the appeal of country life but i love everything about the city and am so excited about finally living in sydney (45 days!) i love the sensory assault. i love being surrounded by people, yet still feeling alone… which sounds depressing, but no, its more like independence. i love how many different kinds of people there are! so many places to go!

p.s. its not me with the problem liking patrick wolf, its everyone else who obviously has no taste as he is wonderful… WONDERFUL! wonderful…

i’m so excited for the intellectual atmosphere of university too. but i also find it pretty intimidating. because really when it comes down to it, i’m a shy girl from a fairly country-ish town, who went to a public school (although public education FOR LIFE) and there are going to be so many brilliant,  passionate, brilliant people at uni. which will be a new experience, port isn’t the biggest hub of intellectualism.. its also very, very exciting.


went for a walk along the water, looked like a big tourist.




childhood memories…





i swear i still taste cigarettes, seriously.


made like 3 earrings, 2 necklaces, 2 bracelets, and like 4 hair thingies… wow i did well actually.


sparrow necklace/ earrings.


hair band, just gold cord braided. i wanted one but they’re like around $9 to buy! this cost me like $2 haha.


congrats flowers from tay and grandpa.



i’m excited for tomorrow, bumming around with emi and sammy… yayayay <333

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15th dec 2008

i was reading my entries on livejournal about my drunk new years eve escapades with ellie… i miss that girl! its going to be so great when she comes back (probably not so much for her, as she loves japan, but i’m selfish hey and i want my chinpoko back). its going to be so weird, we’re all going to have changed so much… but it will be amazing, i can’t wait to hear of her adventures, and fill her in on any gossip she might lack.



(oh perrin, fuck that girl is amazingly talented)


you’re eating onions, you’re spotting dimes!



“If Franz Kafka were Mexican, he would be a Costumbrista writer”

I’m so stealing that, i’m so saying it in my international studies course when i’m studying mexico.



i’ll find that Sartre book i was skimming when procrastinating on study (best way to procrastinate hey?)

“if one doesn’t give one’s life for something, they end up giving it for nothing”

“indeed, what is the sense in living? time is merely a tedious illusion, everything is already here, his future is only an eternal present and, since his death is at the end- his death and only deliverance- since, in short, he is already dead, already guillotined, better to finish it straight away. to faint, to slip through their fingers…”



i want to marry him, or at least make sweet, sweet love to him. overture is the most wonderful song, the magic position, oh my! i still haven’t listened to this properly… when i’m in the mood i’m sure it will blow me away, he is so wonderful!


so i realised i really like music that’s kinda precious and twee (soko, kimya dawson, beirut, patrick wolf, are all acts i would say are pretty damn precious). so i’ve been reading up on this “twee” scene, this indie-pop scene. i have to say, it appeals very much to me. it has led me to a lot of really cool music and i lovelovelove the fashion, its all stuff i’d wear. boys in cardigans are also total win (which reminds me, cutest boy at fotsun in a cardi and old man hat, he did a wink and little comment at sam, nawwwh). “twee as fuck” is an excellent call too.

i want more cardigans now… they are the greatest thing i must say.



wonderfully adorable shirt i got at fotsun. i don’t know whether i’m more annoyed or secretly happy that i bought an m without trying it on, but it’s kinda too big; weird, as i wear a size 12. oh well, its still good, i’m still in love.


read about 4 pages of naked lunch… oh i fail. but i made a 2 bracelets so not a total waste of a day…



they’re just fairly simple charm type things, i found a lot of cute beads and charms stashed, and i’m not feeling very creative… i’m largely feeling just apathetic.



uncle glenn!



probably my favourite thing i’ve ever made…


ooh i love those cameos, don’t know what i’ll do with them yet…




i almost exclusively wear really light pink lipsticks (because i usually wear dark eye make up) so i thought i’d test out red in the privacy of my own home/ backyard…



cute top i added stuff to (note: i am not a seamstress, i can barely sew, i’m afraid of sewing machines). added the straps (which fall down), lace at cleavage and the other lace, and the ribbon. i love the top, its heaps cute and with the ridiculous amount of breast it reveals also very sexy, and it is extremely girlie. like me.

typed this obsessively listening to soko…

soko- you have a power on me

every little sign of you

every little sign of you

every little sign of you

makes me feel so happy

makes me feel so happy

makes me feel so so happy

every little word from you

every little word from you

every little word from you

suddenly it moves me

suddenly it moves me

suddenly it moves me

and i pass my day and my night

saying your name

and i pass my day and my night

dreaming of you

every little smile you make

every little smile you make

makes me smile for days

every little place you take

every little place you take

makes me lose my ways

you have a power on me

that nobody else has on me

like a bunny out of a magical hat

you’re magical when you do that

every little thing you do

every little thing you do

makes me wanna do you

every little smile you make

every little smile you make

makes me smile for days

every little sign of you

every little smile of you

makes me so happy

and every little word from you

every little word from you

suddenly it moves me

you have a power on me

you have a power on me

you have a power on me

you’re so magical


too cute.

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10th dec 2008

got back from newcastle yesterday… i love that place. best atmosphere.

found a  great second hand book store on hunter street; didnt want to leave. FINALLY got my seven pillars of wisdom, $10, i was so excited.


also got this book called “feminist graffiti” its…. wait for it… a book of found graffiti of feminist sayings. it is amazing.

“whats an orgasm mummy?”

“i don’t know dear, ask your father.”

of course adam came first. men always come first.


this makes me smile, growing up, my dad used to always get angry if i used the word ‘chick’, as its demaning to women according to him. he also, when i was like 10, gave me this book called  like women who run with wolves… it was like a ‘you are the beautiful womyn species, the best, moon goddess, blah blah blah blah’.

so if/ when i go through a feminist stage (if i’m not already a bit), blame my father.

i also got this book on salvadore dali, and found this in it


i assume it was deliberate… it was a nice little find, it made me smile.

oooooh, i got a patrick wolf cd, wind in the wires.  i havent actually listened to it yet, just pored over the leaflet and drooled over the cover. gosh i love that man.

fotsun “officially” started today but the weather has been so bad, seriously. its lying around and snuggling up weather, not camping weather. oh the irony, festival of the sun, and it’ll probably be miserable tomorrow.


at the moment i feel like i am in limbo. i don’t know how i feel, how others feel, what i’m doing, where i’m going. i feel like i should be happy; i’m not particularly, but nor am i sad.


i’m just kinda… floating, drifting. i feel so aimless. i miss having a purpose, i.e. school.


i feel like i should be heading towards some grand venture and i suppose i am, university, sydney, but somehow that doesnt feel enough? i don’t know anymore.




i’ve started packing for syndey. its so surreal, even as i buy all the things i need, as i sort my jewellery, pack up the books i’m going to take.


i get these moments where it scares the shit out of me, leaving the comfort, the security, the certainty. most of all i’m leaving some people i love so fucking much, and i don’t know about life without them. but its exciting, it is. i’m going to get to meet people like me, with similar interests, and we’ll have debates about the death of the counter culture movement, the validity of postmodernism; history, art.



i guess my current apathy is largely derived from this feeling that i’m going to be waiting perpetually, forever, for everything to happen. for something to happen.


fuck i love this poem. i always get the last line in my head. like just now.

kumrads die because they’re told)
kumrads die before they’re old
(kumrads aren’t afraid to die
kumrads don’t
and kumrads won’t
believe in life)and death knows whie
(all good kumrads you can tell
by their altruistic smell
moscow pipes good kumrads dance)
kumrads enjoy
s.freud knows whoy
the hope that you may mess your pance
every kumrad is a bit
of quite unmitigated hate
(travelling in a futile groove
god knows why)
and so do i
(because they are afraid to love

e.e. cummings, i love you. “because they are afraid to love”. perfect.

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