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19th dec 2008

fuck i love my mum, she is just so amazing, just such a beautiful person. i’m so grateful to have a best friend in my mum, who i can tell like 99% of things to and even the stupider stuff i do, she just shakes her head, and is like ‘meh, i was young too’. i’m going to mis her so much! i’ll be calling her all the time for advice i’m sure.

had the best chat with her today over our cafe rio, just talking about the future and life.


you know those moments? those ones where, even though you’ve seen something a million times, you just suddenly feel like you’ve never seen it before? i had that today, just walking into town. i’ve lived in port for 14 of my 18 years, and i’ve never really liked it. honestly, i’ma  city girl. i live for the life and colour and diversity and culture and contrasts that city life brings. but you know, i’ve been here a long time. and i’m sure i will miss it. i’ve never felt that connection with port, that feeling i have when i’m in melbourne or sydney. i was born in melbourne and though i moved here at only 4, i will always consider myself a melbournian. i’m so cosmopolitan after all, haha. no just that city thing… there is nothing like being in the city, to me. i can understand the appeal of country life but i love everything about the city and am so excited about finally living in sydney (45 days!) i love the sensory assault. i love being surrounded by people, yet still feeling alone… which sounds depressing, but no, its more like independence. i love how many different kinds of people there are! so many places to go!

p.s. its not me with the problem liking patrick wolf, its everyone else who obviously has no taste as he is wonderful… WONDERFUL! wonderful…

i’m so excited for the intellectual atmosphere of university too. but i also find it pretty intimidating. because really when it comes down to it, i’m a shy girl from a fairly country-ish town, who went to a public school (although public education FOR LIFE) and there are going to be so many brilliant,  passionate, brilliant people at uni. which will be a new experience, port isn’t the biggest hub of intellectualism.. its also very, very exciting.


went for a walk along the water, looked like a big tourist.




childhood memories…





i swear i still taste cigarettes, seriously.


made like 3 earrings, 2 necklaces, 2 bracelets, and like 4 hair thingies… wow i did well actually.


sparrow necklace/ earrings.


hair band, just gold cord braided. i wanted one but they’re like around $9 to buy! this cost me like $2 haha.


congrats flowers from tay and grandpa.



i’m excited for tomorrow, bumming around with emi and sammy… yayayay <333


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