Dr. Tiller

So I read on some new feed yesterday that Dr.George Tiller had been killed.  He was one of only 3 doctors in America to perform abortions after 21weeks (late term). He was assassinated by an anti-abortion activist.


I literally cried reading this.

“I started to react as if the protesters were talking to me personally and indeed felt like everything they said was directed at me. In truth, they never see the real people behind the rhetoric.”

The vehemence of some people’s anti-abortion sentiments shocks me. It’s legal for them to protest outside abortion clinics, to verbally assault patients. Imagine the trauma of having to have an abortion, whatever circumstances it was under. Perhaps you’re too young to have a child, in no financial situation to take care of that child. You were pregnant as a victim of rape- could you raise that child? Imagine if the reason you were aborting so late was because you’d found out your child, a child you’d deliberately conceived, would be born with sever birth defects and problems. These anti-abortion activists claim to be doing this for humanity, but treat these women, their partners, their families inhumanely. The guilt one must feel when they decide to have an abortion must be terrible. The anguish, if the latter was your reason for a late-term abortion. How terrible to have that exacerbated by these insane activists. How could you NOT have sensitivity for women who have to go through something so traumatic? It isn’t some easy decision. You don’t get pregnant and go, “I don’t want a baby, off to the abortion clinic”. It defies all logic, the way anti-abortion activists act sometimes.

You can’t vilify women who choose to exercise their legal right to get an abortion. You can’t vilify the doctors who work within the law. Attack the laws, not the people who follow them. Although I obviously quite staunchly believe abortion is a justified right of any woman.



More crying material.

Also this is really well-written and interesting:



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