tomorrow is the much much much anticipated day when i move to sydney. every so often i’m like fuuuuuck, i’m scared! i’m terrified! but mostly, 99% of the time, i’m like holy shit this is going to be amaaaazing. its so exciting! it only really set in today, i kind of started crying.


saw ellie for the first time in… a year! so good! fuck i love that girl. kewlest kid i know. it was weird, it was like we hadn’t even been apart, and even though we’ve both been through significant things that have surely changed us as people, we were just kinda… it was like old times. it sucks i’m missing her 18th and that she gets back just as i leave though.


i’m impressed that this guy i met taught himself spanish merely because he was bored. and then he was trying to teach me but i was way too drunk, and then i think he was getting me to say dirty things in spanish.  i was slingin’ back vodka, lime and sodas literally all night. and i got given some dudes whiskey and cokes ha. a lot of dancing on my part occurred.


its all so exciting, but i know its going to be hard leaving my friends and family behind. but the thing with ellie affirmed that when you care for people then even distance doesn’t have to necessarily mean the end of a friendship. and i think it’ll be a good thing to meet new people, go new places, and be reminded of how special what i’ve had is. and have stories to tell the girls! but i will miss them so much.

alanah, sam, emily, ellie,



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