18th dec 2008

the last two days have been a surreal little collection of experiences. just… wow. a chapter of my life has officially closed and another one dawns. january 23rd baby.

i’m so stoked with my uai, 98.85. just-ish (by .4) missed out on dux but fuck i was happy! the work paid off and i can be just so proud of what i’ve achieved.

so these 2 days have been ones of happiness, yet they’ve been a bit of a rollercoaster too, just because of stuff. funny little incidents, and not so funny ones. well kinda funny actually haha (thank you dude who looked like a zach condon on a really bad day for your jokes and making things very, very awkward… and calling alanah dumb, a lot).


oh shit, sam, ems and i went to the beach. it had been hot and sunny all day. so of course when we go to the beach, what happens?

it hails. we got so drenched, sam and i went into town looking like a pair of drowned rats.


i didn’t sleep last night. i’m so tired. my eyes aren’t working properly.



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