17th dec 2008

the penultimate! the day that was dreaded!

i woke up about 6:30, but just couldn’t do it man, i just couldn’t look. a restless half-sleep later i got 0ut of bed, brushed my teeth, and i did it; i looked.



and i started crying and screaming because all my fucking work paid off and i got all band 6’s or E4’s. the whole day i’ve been congratulated, which has been heaps sweet, schoenberg gave me the biggest hug haha, and fowler was just smiling and smiling. awwwh, it felt so great, i’ve made the teachers proud, i’ve made my family proud, i’ve made my mum proud (i called her literally as soon as i read them, still hysterically elated, and she thought for a while i’d done shit i was crying so much. then she was like ‘fuck i’m so relieved, sweetie, fuck, i’m so proud!’ there was a lot of swearing), and i’ve made myself proud… i worked so hard and it worked out.  i’m still pretty pensive about my uai (i’ve been told by teachers [can’t bare to use a uai calculator in case i get heaps disappointed] between 95-99… shit my goal was 96, but anything over 94 is just fine! all i know is that these results can definitely get me into my second preference, most likely my first, and i’m just so stoked.

i suck at having faith in myself.


hahaha, awwh.  i got on the all-rounders list on board of studies! i was the only one from port high. yay, lists.



oh, i was so happy! my extension 2 major got 49/50! when i saw that… god, i was so insecure about it. poetry is so subjective and i have such high expectations on myself, and i didn’t think it was that good.  i’ll find it and post it here actually, its on a usb somewhere.


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